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5: In the long run when you experience a steady pull to 1 aspect, this can be a sign of the next problems. The rear axle could be turning the wheels to one side or there generally is a hassle with the car chassis. Secondly, camber misalignment cause the entrance tires to slope inward or outward. Tilting outward level out positive camber misalignment and tilting inward point out detrimental camber misalignment. A small variation from normal could cause the automotive to drag to 1 aspect. Caster misalignment is the leaning forward or backward of the steering axis. Leaning ahead level towards destructive caster misalignment and leaning backward level towards constructive caster misalignment. Toyota Townace will pull to the aspect with a unfavourable caster misalignment. Caster misalignment can also be the results of dangerous swaggers or spindles. The master cylinder fluid, muggy calipers or parking brake might be contributing to the … Read More